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The Mandurah Triathlon Club has an emphasis on enjoyment and the encouragement   of a healthy lifestyle through multi sport training and competition for those   keen to step up to the line. The club caters for everyone from the seasoned   triathlete to those yet to enter a race. This is reflected in our diverse member   base, with people of all ages and fitness levels.

All members of the Mandurah Triathlon Club share the same   desire to push the boundaries that we set ourselves, to push their fitness to   new levels, to gain out of the challenge and most of all… to look forward to   the social coffee at the end of a long cycle or a Sunday morning   triathlon.

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Thank you to the dedicated helpers   who assist the committee to set up and run each race meeting.

Putting out signs in the dark for the cycle leg.

Placing cones for the run and cycle legs.

Building bike racks.

Finishing line, poles, flags.

Water safety.


Members who go out riding with the trystars to keep   them safe.

The valuable timekeepers.

And the Water station children

Then there is the jobs after the race:

Packing away the signs, cones, bikes, racks, table, finish   line and then finally the trailer driving it back down to the sea container.

But it doesn’t stop there:

The job of downloading and formatting the results and uploading to the internet so that members can check results that morning and Ted can write an article for the local papers.


[toggle title=”Mandurah Triathlon Club History “]

Richard  Garnsworthy, Clive Choate and Doug Ray established the Mandurah Triathlon Club  on July 1st, 1988.

Prior  to that date, these three with a handful of other local endurance enthusiasts  participated in team events like the Blackwood Marathon from 1980, the first  triathlon held in WA at Katanning Triathlon in 1983, and numerous events like  the Bunbury Triathlon and Perth Triathlon series.

Richard  Garnsworthy, Clive Choate and Ian Wookey competed in the first World Triathlon  Olympic race held at Fremantle in 1987.

Triathlon  interest grew in the WA sporting community. The South-West games was the  catalyst to form a Mandurah Triathlon Club. A number of members competed in the  inaugural South-West Games at Bunbury where the swim leg was replaced by a  canoe leg, which incidentally was held in pouring rain and hailstones.

Mandurah  was the next Shire to host the games three years later in 1988. It was decided  to form the Club before this event which enhanced interest, promoted the Games  and participation, and provided a platform for organisation.

From  humble beginnings of a dozen participants, the Club now under President Grant  Tomlinson, boasts almost 150 members.

Early  days of triathlon saw members Richard Garnsworthy, Clive Choate, Doug Ray,  Gavin Coles, David Redfern, Clyde England, Les Machin, Shane Colum, Ian  Crane, Ian Wookey, Grant Orr and Laurie Longworth race in local events like the  Falcon Thunderdome, Madora Bay Massacre, Halls Head Horror and the Barragup  Gutbuster.

Technology  soon changed the sport with advanced timing systems, specific training  programmes, aerodynamic and lighter bikes, specific nutrition demands and  slicker changes between the three disciplines of the sport.

Clyde  England  and Graham Maier were to the forefront is writing triathlon programmes and  maintaining data bases and results. The Club had a regular newsletter and  everyone was very well informed.

The  Mandurah Triathlon Club was to the forefront in conducting State events and  introduced the first “bike- cam” commentary during the South-West Games event  at Riverside Gardens.

The  WA State Interclub race was the brainchild of Clive Choate and this very  popular event has been hosted at Doddies’ Beach for almost 20 years. Along with  the State Town and Country event, these two races  have raised many thousands of dollars for Club funds.

The  Club has supported beginners of all ages to the sport and is heavily involved  through the efforts of Jo-Kelly Wilson, in a huge juniors’ programme. The  foundations were set in the early years by Lynne Choate, Matt Ritikis and  Laurie Longworth through the junior Fruit and Veg programmes.

From  the early years there have been many local and international successes. Peter  Ware was the Club’s first to race overseas and completed the Canadian and  famous Hawaiin Ironman – a race of 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle and 42.2 km run.

Barbara  Prince was the first local female to race in Hawaii after many State and Australian  successes.

Dave  Boyes and Michelle Boyes (nee Clinton)  have competed with exceptional success in the Hawaiin

Ironman after outstanding   events at the Australian Championships.  They have both been crowned State Champions in Triathlon WA  series competitions.

Neil  Hall and Marcel Weijers have raced many Ironman events internationally, while  Gavin Coles and Steven Brown have been successful in the Australian Ironman. Many  club members have completed the Western Australian Busselton Ironman race.

Richard  Garnsworthy has been a winner in the Northern Territory State Championship  race. Clive Choate has raced in most States in Australia, including a second place  in the Northern Territory Long Course.

Katrina  Burnett has come through the junior system to be one of WA’s elite female  competitors and has finished 5th in Canada at the World Olympic  distance championships.

Gabbi  Miller represented WA in Canberra,  while Gabrielle Workman was an elite junior competitor and pushed for  Australian selection at the elite under 23 age group. Robert Whiteway, Danielle  Longworth, Farren Ray and Jayden Veljacich were talented juniors.

In  the early years of the club, Richard Garnsworthy, with Clive and Lynne Choate,  combined to win gold at a World Championship Masters’ team’s event, while Linda  Ray has been State Champion and won silver at the World Masters’ games in a  team event with Clive Choate in Queensland.

David  Whiteley, more recently, has been a State Champion and an outstanding  competitor. Ivan and Pauline Wiltshire have been exceptional competitors at World  Olympic distance Championships and both have been State Champions on many  occasions.

A  number of Mandurah Triathletes have been selected to represent Australia at World  Championships with Ivan and Pauline Wiltshire, Andrew Luraschi, Clive Choate,  David Whiteley and Darryl Harris lining up in various competitions.

Club  members Julia Norris, Treana Jones, Clive Choate, Matthew Ritikis and Steven  Brown who have all won the Blackwood Ironman race, while David Berglund has  excelled in many multi-discipline events and also trialled for the Olympic  Games.

The  Club has a regular eight race summer series as well as winter duathlon races. A  feature of summer events has been the popular “Splash & Dash” every Friday  night at Doddies’ Beach – a promotion of family fun and fitness, open to  everyone.

There  has been a wonderful link and friendly rivalry with the neighbouring Rockingham  Triathlon Club with many participants enjoying “The Smelly Shoe” interclub  splash and dash events and duathlons.

Country  links with Wheatbelt Clubs has seen grass roots triathlon supported by the  Mandurah Club with Darryl Harris, Rohan Wozniuk, Peter Boyce, Steven Choate and  Steven Wiseman winning in these series.

Many  triathletes have put back into the sport through their coaching expertise.  Graham Maier has coached at State level, while Matthew Ritikis, Grant Orr,  Laurie Longworth and Clayton Bennett have been very active.

Similarly,  the Club has never had difficulty finding Committee members and none have  worked harder than Mark Hookway, Grant Tomlinson, Julie Harris, Graham Hall,  Brent Burton, Kathryn Hookham, Elliott Combes and Bill Dunn.

Popular  Club President, Brian Whiteway and wonderful clubman Steve Batty, both of whom  were killed in training accidents, will be fondly remembered.

The  Mandurah Triathlon Club is one of the oldest Clubs in WA and has been a  wonderful organisation for triathlon in the Peel District.


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