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Race Marshalling Roster

To ensure the ongoing quality of events held by the Mandurah  Triathlon Club and to improve the safety for all participants during races, the club will be increasing the number oaf marshals during each race in the 2013/2014 Summer Triathlon Season.

How it works – Members can select the race they (or someone  they nominate) wish to marshal for prior to the start of the season. Any  members who haven’t chosen a race will be allocated a race by filling the empty  spots in alphabetical order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I nominate any race I like?
Yes as long as there are vacant positions for that race.

Q. How do I nominate?
You can nominate via email to or in person at the  season launch (22th October) or prior to Race 1 (we’d prefer to have it all  finalised well before Race 1)

Q. Does it have to be me that actually marshals on the day?
No you can ask a member of your family or a friend or even a  club member who you know might not be racing. Please note they must be over 18  and be capable of performing the role.

Q. What if I need to change or something has come up and I can’t do it  anymore?
It is your responsibility to  find someone to fill your spot, either by swapping with someone or inviting a  family or friend to do it for you. If you swap with another member, email so that the online  table can be updated in advance of the race, even if it is a last minute swap.

Q. What does a Race Marshall do?
There are various roles available from traffic marshalling  to registration and water station.
The committee will assign the Race Marshals to the specific  role on the morning of the race. If you have a preference your most welcome to  put your name against your preference. However the race director will ultimately  have the final call on positions based on the safest option and suitability of marshals for certain roles.

Q. I’m not a member but I would love to help out at a race, how do I get involved?
That’s fantastic, and we would love you to be involved. You can either simply turn up on the morning and let one of the committee know that you’d like to help out or  send an email to Ted MacNeall our Volunteer Coordinator who can give you further information on becoming a non-competing member of the club.

Q. What if I don’t want to marshal or find someone to marshal for me?
We are a volunteer run club and we need your support. We  understand that some of our members are shift workers and may only be able to  attend 1 or 2 races in the season. That is why we have allowed everyone to nominate  someone else to marshal on their behalf. The aim is to ensure everyone can race all the time. Perhaps an injured member would be happy to help you out.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone, we have a fantastic club culture & people  want to help.

Marshalling Roster