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Timmy’s TidBits Race 4

Before I begin, please forgive my lack of tidbits for race 3. With Ryan spilling the water on his computer resulting in a delay, so did the tiddys. I had a poor race so lets just forget it happened? Sounds good. Although I do wish to thank our sponsors of that race, 4Life physio, as they have been such good long-time associates of ours and our many athletes from the club often use their services.

I will talk about race 4 though. The EOS team race. Being put into teams, the idea was to combine a total competitive time against other pairings.

Full of excitement we all went down to the water ready for a dip. The ocean was a tad choppy with a slight current pushing the way we had to swim. Thank the good Lord for that. It became clear sighting was a bit of an issue. Such was the rolling swell, one had to channel their inner Meer Kat to peak above the waves for a glimpse of the orange buoy. Rockingham gun Wade Adam had a heck of a swim which made dolphins jealous. Ian Vaugan wasn’t too far behind, with the usual suspects in Brad Wardrope and Ryan Craig close by. I decided to follow the youngest Clark in Aiden as he has some serious kick. His navigation was a little questionable, but hey, ill cut the boy some slack. Special mention to Ken Ibister who has been putting some hours into swim training which is showing. For the ladies, it seems the pre-injured Jenny has returned. A handy little swimmer she is and certainly performed well. I knew Rebecca Millward had been spending time in the pool in the offseason and it has paid off big time. She grew a few gills and is now a very capable swimmer. Nat Stevenson and Sam Benn we also in the mix, the latter sans a wetsuit. Utter foolishness really.

Onto the bike with a nice headwind one way and a good kick up the bum the other. Mark Dawson, fresh from his diet of lettuce leaves was having some issues on the bike as a result of a ‘crap swim’ (his words). I’m glad the man had some Hungry Jacks after the recent Olympic distance triathlon in Busselton, because he is starting to resemble a praying mantis. Trevor Atkinson had a good bike leg as did Geoff Amos. My brother Cameron Watson did ok. Wont talk him up too much. Jenny Pedrana went from strength to strength clocking the fastest bike split. She’s really hitting some form back, its good to see. But that’s enough now Jen, no faster please, some of those quicker lads will be watching their backs. Nat was around 1minute behind, another one who has injury setbacks and looking to get back into form. Carolyn Macintyre Scott (who I have now dubbed as CMS, and I apologise if that sounds like a life threatening disease Carol), also had a speedy little bike leg.

Onto the run and pushing into the wind on the bike was starting to show up in the legs. In fact running into the wind was hard enough. Nice to see Adam Wade not far off Brett Johnson in the run. Don’t know how you run that fast, you people are not human and need help. Anthony Powe Powe had a good trot. Anthony and I went for a decent ride the day before with the animals known as Brad Wardrope and Darryl Harris, so I reckon we had a good excuse to blow up on the run, but alas he put his head down and got a good split. Ken May is defiantly a runner. Don’t ask me how I know, but running a sub15min 3km run tells me its his favourite leg. Perennial athlete Colin Luff also crack under 15mins. A well timed sprint saw Poppa Clark see of the littlest Clark. Im sure Alan has let Aiden know all about it for the week. Don’t poke the bear Alan. Newcomer Bailee Harrison was holding strong through the run leg. She was sticking with Roz ‘the boz’, and wouldn’t let up. Sammy Benn ran out of room to run down Nat Stevenson. Id like to see James crack the whip on her for the bike leg, because I reckon Sammy would put some serious hurt on the ladies division. Im also a fan of Jo-Kelly Wilson’s work. She won’t admit it, but she can canter like a thoroughbred.


Next we move on to the Mandurah vs RTC Super Mega Championships. We have been sticking it to our mates down the road for a few years now, but their numbers have picked up, so we must all get in there and register to race. Only continued domination will be accepted.

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