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Timmys Tidbits Mandurah vs Rocko


It finally happened. We lost the trophy for the first time in…..well…forever. The Patriots also won another superbowl so it was a pretty crap weekend all round eh? With that said lets dissect what went down for the super groovers that did go down and represent. For those that didn’t make it, shame on you and I shall bid thee good day.

Little bit of a cross breeze/slight headwind greeted us, although I don’t think anyone was thinking how hard that would be on the bike section. There were some shonky tactics there with that many people, but I will get to that shortly. The swim was a bit brutal early on for many. Finding a patch of water to yourself with 120 people near you over 300m is not easy. Punches, kicks, roundhouses, goggle gings and games of dunk the clown next to you were all cheeky little tactics employed. The water was very clear and I’m sure the local Rockingham 4m Tiger shark could have made a leisurely swim a few kms south and made a meal of any of us in those crystal blue waters. Or use us a toothpicks if you’re Mark Dawson.

Several of our women had great swims. I saw Jen heading towards rotto, but despite being off course at the end and being disappointed with the first leg, she still posted a respectable time. Sammy was pretty quick out too, again sans wetsuit. Why Sammy why! Think of the time savings! Think of the drag!

As for the lads, the usual suspects were out of the water in nanoseconds in Reece Harris, Ian Vaughan etc. I’m not sure what Matt McKay has been doing, but I assume its spending all his spare time at the aquatic centre. Even big bad bustling Bruce Barrington had a good swim.

The bike leg was a real test…. Of what group you wanted to work with! In all honesty, that many people on the bike course is always going to be controversial and perhaps a sign that future races may need to go elsewhere as we may have outgrown the course. In any event, Margy Britton was so fast she didn’t even register a time. Sam Benn, fresh from a sporting ride the day before, had a quick cycle. Jenn and Nat were leading the charge for the ladies also, representing the MTC well.

Aidan Clarke rode magnificently. As did Anthony Powe Powe and Rusty Harris. Choo Choo! Hahaha. Little Reece owes Wade Adam a new back tyre, but since Wade is rocko folk, we wont worry about it. Craig ‘Wattswrongwithyourcalfnow’ had a good ride too, trying to put his injuries behind him. Cameron Watson sucked bad. Nah, he did ok.

Onto the run and we have been a bit spoilt running at Madora bay lately I think. Those lumps and bumps through the path there were a tad painful. I was impressed with Ryan Clarks run. More of a swimmer is She-Rah, but good to see a quick run split. Mr EOS Karl Winrow had a good tiptoe through the tulips. The train mentioned above on the bike all went on to have good runs. I think they were fresh. Graham Maier does his damage on the run reeling in a lot of those RTC punks.

As for the ladies, Jen was a mere 10 seconds away from taking out the whole thing, quickly gaining time on Bree from RTC. Next time we will sort out some mild, non-obvious sabotage to Bree’s bike. A tack in the wheel or something. Something harmless and unfortunate. Carol (dubbed CMS) had a sub 15min run and also represented us well. Sharon ‘drives a Holden’ Ford, also had a good trot. Must have been a whip behind her. Giddyup.

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