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Tims Tidbits – RACE 1

Tims Tidbits – RACE 1

With nearly 40 participants ready for the first race of the season, it was great to see some old and new faces alike.  A decent crowd was also up and about, with some watching on to see if this triathlon business is something they would like to participate in. and the answer is ‘yes’. Yes, you would like to participate.

It was an interesting mix of athletes in race 1.  Some old school guns in Luke Goard made an appearance, as well as the return of Hamish Mactavish from his broken collarbone.  It was also good to see Jenny Sullivan back after an injury plagued season last season. We also had a few of the Rockingham Tri Club crew come down to race. A few of our ladies have put their seasons on hold, with most evident buns in their ovens!

The new swim course, Darryl approved, comes up long on the timing/results sheets, but I was assured it was 300m.  Or close. Let’s think about that word, ‘close’. Some fishes think 450m would be close. Anything over 310m and I would have my garmin alert, my ass to make a left turn for shore.  Unfortunately the Garmin does not have a ‘you have swum far enough’ function, so we trust Darryl.  He does a good job, the course is actually good if you manage to swim straight (Cameron Watson), and it’s a bit closer to shore.

So we were off and the usual crew with gills were up the front.  Rocky crew Wade Adam and Nathan Hart were quick out of the water, as was the Doc, Ryan Craig.  Brad Raath was also fast out of the drink.  A few of us injured seals struggling out the back looking like an embarrassment of culinary riches to a Great White, can only envy you. For the ladies, it was the ever reliable Pip ‘Flipper’ Whitney, who immediately put a gap on the rest of the ladies. Jen and Sammy weren’t far behind though.  Rebecca Millward has been spotted at the MARC putting in some laps too, and the work is paying off as she had a great swim as well.

Onto the bike, and the whispers have already started that the front pack were working ‘closely’ at times.  There’s that word again. I actually didn’t witness any drafting since I spent the bike leg staring at Mathew Mckays bum, Nice bum by the way Matty, you must work out.  Anyway, Brad ‘the Warden’ may have to get out his caveman chalk drawings to describe the draft zone again, in picture form. ‘Unga Bunga’ 7 mtrs.

Mark ‘The Daws’ Dawson took the chocolates for the quickest bike leg by 2 seconds from Brett Johnson.  Speaking of Daws, this man is looking lean and ripped this year. Some chocolates might not hurt you Daws.  Clint ‘not Lance’ Armstrong and Gary ‘Sheriff’ Lawton had very fast bike splits on the near 15km course.  Jen ‘Monsters Inc Sully’ Sullivan had a very fast ride, and over took Pip.  Jan Gallatly also rode her specialized in a special way.  Quick. Pip was doing her best to hold on from her swim lead, but the gap was closing.

Onto the run and I was watching Adam Crawley run. Cripes, like the Goodfellow/Wardrope combination, those Crawleys are going to breed an Olympian as well.  He can swim too, so this man is going to get very fast over the season.  Bloody hell, another one.  John ‘you’re not wrong’ De Jong ran up a few positions with a handy 13:12 on the 3.09 course.  Yes it is a touch long.  A touch is similarly defined as ‘close’. Karl ‘EOS Monday night Intervals’ Winrow also had a very quick run.  Another man looking lean and dangerous.  His partner in crime Roger ‘the Dodger, Gibbo’ Gibson also ran well, obviously hanging around Mr Winrow too much.  Onto the women’s field and the racing had been intense and we were onto the last leg.  Margy Britton in her flash looking tri suit (I’m with you Margy I like blingy suits) was doing her best to run herself up a few spots.  Lyn Hart also ran sub 15mins and was flying home.  However it was Jen Sullivan who took the win from a very fast finishing Sammy ‘Santas little helper’ Benn by a mere 24 seconds.  Pip Whitney was close behind in 3rd  

A Week off to freshen up and back to Doddies in a fortnight.  Bring on the pain!

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