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Nearly 50 little racers descended upon the battle shores of Doddies Beach for the much anticipated race 2 of the series.  Some were out for revenge, miffed with race 1 results.  Others were still trying to sort out how their performance from the previous weeks sits amongst everyone else.  Some out for revenge. I was greeted at set-up by Brad ‘the Warden’ Wardrope, who informed me he had ‘leaky gut’.  I was also informed (and no prodding for the information was necessary), of how many trips to the loo he has had already.  Fair to say this man needed a few weet-bix that morning.  Or some Metamucil.       

The swim portion was quite good, the water was very calm that morning with a slight current heading the right way for some quicker times.  Reece ‘Gillboy’ Harris made his return, fresh with a ROKA wetsuit, thanks Dad.   Now he has gone beyond fast.  You could fire him from a sub at similar speed to a torpedo.  He only weighs about 20kgs so he wouldn’t do much damage though.  The Rocky crew weren’t too far behind though, Wade Adam hot on his heels.  I like Wade, he has one of those names that would make sense if his last name was his first.  You can only respect that.  Plus he shares the same name as Deadpool, so I don’t think it gets much better.  Ok, only if your name is Max Power.

Again it was Pip ‘Who Dares Wins’ Whitney, who led the ladies out of the drink.  This time though the gap was a lot closer.  There were several other females including Sammy Benn, Rebecca Millward, Jen Sullivan and the returning Nat Stevenson less than 40 seconds away.  Rebecca has been working hard in the offseason on her swim and it’s definitely paying off.  Good to see Nat back out there too, another who has had to overcome long term injuries.

Brett Johnson, who has been working on his swim, quickly closed the gap on the bike and would not be headed from there.  Although Mr Deadpool wasn’t far away by any means. Gillboy either drafted again, or he actually had a very good bike, especially on a roadie.  I think the Doddies course suits the whippet.  As soon as the road rises, he and his 20kg frame fly up the slight gradient.  Nathan Hart and Hamish Mactavish have been working on their bikes lately.  Both are getting up to their past capable speed very quickly.  Stefan Aspelling was here for his first race of the season and also had a quick bike, showing why he is always a threat.

Jen ‘Monsters Inc’ Sully, Sullivan had a very good ride and put a bit of a break into the rest of the girls. Lynn Hart was fast closing with Nat Stevenson also putting the hammer down to try and stay with Jen. Sam Benn was also sniffing around, nipping at the heels.  Meanwhile, Jan Gallatly had a sneaky good bike ride. All those spin classes are paying off!

Onto the business end, and as I mentioned, Wade ‘Deadpool’ Adam came in less than a minute off of Brett.  That’s pretty much winning really. The last time I remember Brett losing a club race was last year when he swam to China and couldn’t reel in Mark Dawson.  I actually don’t know how?  a) he stays so consistent and doesn’t have off races.  or b) he keeps the drive to train and race when he wins all the time.  Reece had a typically strong run and closed into third.  Congratulations to Brad for clenching the starfish for 42mins and not crapping himself for the duration.  I’m sure it was touch and go there for a while.  Special mentions to Darryl Harris who retired with a dodgy calf, Rusty Harris who is getting quicker every time, Adam Crawley for highlighting swim/runs and James Millar for biking like Fabian Cancellara.  Another quick mention to Clint Armstrong who ran through the swim timing mat to finish.  I passed him and went through the finish timing mat.  Sucker! Hahaha.  Ben Caporn crossed the line uttering a few F-bombs, murmuring something about how he should pull his finger out and start training.  No need for rash decisions Benny.                   

Jenny held on in the run and raised her hands triumphant in the end, taking out the women’s division. Sammy, who likes a bit of tri bling with some cool get ups lately, came in second. She didn’t seem too happy though, her performance not as good as previous. The non-matching shoe laces were very much to blame.  Nat made her way up to 3rd, with Lynn and Pip very close behind.  Nice to see Carolyn Macintyre-Scott back too.  Somehow we have managed to get her whole name on the results page this year too. Winning.

Onto the Interclub my friends. I hope you all race or volunteer so we can make the weekend spectacular!

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