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Firstly, forgive me for the lack of tidbits from the first ‘long course triathlon’ race 8, as my computer literally blew up before I was able to send them to the others to put on the website. I now have to give Karl lots of money to give me a new one.  So, I will now talk about the last race of our calendar, race 9.  The second long course race. This one is put on from two of our sponsors, Physio 4 Life and Fleet cycles.  I will type this from my desk at work, after all I may as well be paid writing this right?

The day started beautifully, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and we had about 90 people ready to put on a show.  Ok, that’s a lie, It was cold, miserable and wet.  The birds were hiding from bullet sized raindrops and we had about 24 people.  I brought my bike and was in two minds with racing this one.  I knew I had to co-ordinate the volunteers and perhaps fortunately some of our Physio 4 Life ladies came down to race towing with them 2 mountain bikes, which looked broken. The race had begun and I was trying to jimmy some wheels onto their bike.  I’m actually glad I could help out there because the ocean looked a bit angry and I was feeling a bit precious.  Fair weather racing is my forte.  Thanks to this though, I got a good look at our competitors.

Through the hail (slight exaggeration) I managed to see Darryl and the Doc come out of the swim together.  Holding hands and skipping, not really but the superfishes looked pretty casual about it all.  I would need to charge the de-fib up if I ever got to that speed.  They had built up a significant lead early on.  Benny Caporn was looking dangerous, as was the Daws both coming out of the water in close quarters.  Daws did take his time in transition.  Wetsuit removal isn’t his cup of tea.  I thought it would have been pretty easy with his tooth pick legs, but there you go.  Brett was up there again as well however Darryl would take some catching from here on out.

Sammy was first out of the water and was going to take some catching from here on out.  Roz and Jo did have a good swim though and weren’t going to give up all that easy.  Jo in particular is quite fierce on the bike, maybe a bit too fierce because apparently she tasted a bit of pavement.  Mmmmm tarmac, she dusted herself off though and kept at it.  Even with her fall she did eat a bit of time into Sam’s lead. Margy Britton was looking very focused on the bike, perhaps in prep for her tilt at the Busselton 70.3.  Similarly the ever-consistent Carolyn Macintyre-Scott was holding her own on two wheels.  The big mover was the chipless Fiona Crawly.  Unfortunately I can’t report on Fionas time however it was clear she was gaining places and fast.

Darryl came off the bike with a significant lead. I was excited because I thought it may be in the realms of possibility, if Darryl’s running legs were feeling frisky, he could win this.  Anthony Pow Pow did a half dismount 1 lap early, anything to make life easier Pow Pow.  Stephen Kay also had a great ride continuing his late season form.

Well onto the run and confusion reigned.  How many laps 2 or 3?  I don’t know, just run!  Apparently it was 3.  Brett ate into Darryl’s lead by the first lap.  I still maintain Brett needs his own handicap running turn around cone.  His can be next to The Old Bridge IGA.  You go turn around there Brett, that’s one lap for you.  Ben Caporn had a blinder of a race, finshing 4th ahead of the Doc.  I have to find Ben a name, Mr Pink Shiv? Yeh I noticed your bike Benny.  Its pink, very Pretty J.  Mark Skates got his….skates on and had a great run, moving into 8th overall. 

Sam MAY have been first off the bike and being a great runner, she came into first female overall with a handy trot, atleast on the results sheet. Again I must mention Fiona ‘Kreepy’ Crawly here, because this woman is on another level on the run and possibly may have won ahead of Sammy.  Lets just blame Ryan for he error, that’s easier. CMS (Carolyn Macintyre Scott you must hate writing out your whole name), was challenging Jo for the third place, but the latter managed to hold on, scratches and all.  Kerri Holmes had a nifty little run to move herself up too. Lastly a special mention to Erica Chisholm.  E-Chiz felt the need to apologise on every run lap turn around, I mean a full on ‘Im so sorry im so slow’ apology.  Never need to apologise Erica!  We arent pros, don’t race for baa baa stations, and our out here just having fun.

Well thats it for another season guys.  Time to get fat and lazy.  Don’t forget to come along to the wind-up on the 28th of May at the Peel Thunder.  It will be a great kommbayah with shinnanigins.

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