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Hot! Nickys Nibbles – Pink Heart Cookies – All Heart just ask the Wodjula…..

Quick to make & tastes delicious, made from raw natural ingredients so you don’t have to feel overly guilty about the calories.

Ok so My presentation isn’t great on this one but I can assure you, presentation is the last thing you will be thinking of when you take a bite!

1/2 cup whole nuts (any nuts- I used Brazil nuts)
1/2 cup whole pumpkin seeds (or more nuts)
2tbsp cacao powder
2tbsp mesquite powder (or carob)
1/4tsp stevia, liquid (or 2-4tbsp maple syrup)
About 1 tbsp water (only if using stevia)
2tsp vanilla extract
Pinch sea salt

Place nuts & seeds in blender & process till crumbly, then add remaining ingredients. Texture should hold together easily without being too wet.
Roll out cookie dough into cutting board & place i fridge to harden a little.
Use a heart shape cuter & depending on the size of it this dough should make 12 heart shapes. (I rolled remaining out again & cut until i dough was left).
Place back in fridge.

Pink Filling Ingredients:-
1 large banana
1/2 cup raspberrys (I use frozen & waited till defrosted)
4-5tbsl coconut oil (use cacao butter if don’t like coconut)

Place all 3 ingredients into blender & process till smooth.
Pour onto cutting board (I used baking paper on my board first) & spread out evenly.
Place I freezer till hard.
Use same heart cutter & cut 6 heart shapes out.
Place them onto 6 of the single cookie pieces.  Place the spare cookie piece on top of the pink filling to make a sandwich.
Place in freezer to keep.
Present to the love of your life in a valentine box or on a plate with some spare raspberrys.


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